Olivia Munn Spills All Of The (Slightly Weird) Tips Behind Her Gorgeous Skin

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We're just going to come right out and say it: We think Olivia Munn deserves an award for Girl That We Would Most Like To Be. (We don't blame Nick for turning into a blubbering pile of mush around her on New Girl.) She's smart, she's funny, and she has the kind of real-girl beauty that you know is all her (rather than courtesy of a talented glam squad).
So, when we got the chance to chat it up with Ms. Munn in honor of her partnership with Proactiv+, we actually had a hard time narrowing down our questions/fan-girl comments. "That hair — how so shiny?" "Those freckles — they are so amazing!" Of course, we were thrilled to find that not only is Olivia as cool as you'd think she'd be, she also loves R29. (We're blushing!) Read on to snag all of her seriously unexpected beauty secrets — we promise you'll be surprised.
olivia-newPhoto: Courtesy of Proactiv.
So, of course, we began by talking skin. Munn's visage might look like it's never seen a zit, ever, but the actress assured us that she's struggled on and off with acne since her teen years. "When I was 15, I moved from Japan to Oklahoma, and I got a massive breakout on my forehead," explained the actress. "This was like nothing I had experienced before — it was deep and cystic, unlike the little bumps that I had experienced here and there, and it would not go away." The solution came in the form of a comically commercial moment — "My cousin handed me her bottle of Proactiv and was like, 'Try this!'" But, cheesiness aside, Munn says that she was amazed when the product cleared up her stubborn breakout in a matter of a week.
Surprisingly, the folks at Proactiv didn't know that she had sworn by the stuff throughout her teens when they sent her a box of Proactiv+, a new line that was designed to clear acne while also nourishing the skin. "When I got the product, I was battling adult acne and shooting a movie at the same time," says the actress. "I was so bummed. You can cover breakouts with makeup, but you can't change the texture of your skin with foundation. So, I was trying everything: acupuncture, peels, medications." But, once again, Proactiv came to Munn's rescue — and she was thrilled that the new line fit her current skin-care needs perfectly. "It's great, because they have cleansing wipes that I can use in a hurry; there's the Skin Purifying Mask, which I can put on any active breakouts; and then, there's the Dark Spot Corrector, which I can use on any scars of marks."
Munn has also learned through a bit of trial and error how environmental factors (such as diet and travel can affect her skin). "It's interesting because I recently cut out cheese," the actress explains. "My weight tends to fluctuate, and my skin does, too, so sometimes I need to detox. And, I notice that when I detox, I specifically break out at my temples!" Strange, but true. To deal with any signs of aging, Munn swears by paper face masks by Japanese brand Kracie — but, the actress admits that she doesn't worry about aging too much. "That's the good thing about having freckles, which run in my family," says Munn. "They keep you looking youthful, and they happen to do a pretty good job of camouflaging sunspots or healing zits!"
Then, Munn surprised us with some pretty groundbreaking skin-care tips that made a huge difference for her. "Make sure that you tie your hair back at night while you're sleeping," advises the actress. "Think about it: All of that dirt that ends up on your car windshield or on your windowsill? That can get in your hair, and then it can get stuck on your face."
Munn also swears by exfoliating ("You know how men age better than women? It's because they're shaving all the time, which exfoliates. That's the key to avoiding wrinkles"). And, for a final (slightly strange) tip that blew our minds? The actress takes hyaluronic acid pills — yeah, that stuff that makes moisturizers work wonders on your face by building up collagen. (Consider our minds blown.)
Olivia, we already knew we loved you, but now that you've shared your Hollywood-voodoo secret to flawless skin? We're ready to go exclusive — you know, if you're cool with that, O.

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