Presenting The Science Behind Logos In Infographic Form!

We've always wondered how some of the world's biggest brands came up with their iconic logos. Part of us likes to think it was a eureka moment. An executive wakes up in the middle of the night after having just seen Nike's swoosh or Twitter's bird in their dreams.
Unfortunately, that's just not the case.
Some of the world's biggest brands have invested millions of dollars to create just the right image, one that transcends geography, culture, and identity. While logos for companies like McDonald's, Pepsi, or Apple may seem commonplace now, there's a very specific set of variables that make them such an integral part of our visual lexicon. In the infographic below, we learn that factors like color play a bigger part in the thinking behind a logo than we might think. For instance, red makes us feel active, while yellow makes us feel energetic. Blue happens to be the most reliable of colors, while green represents, what else but, nature.
Check out more fun facts about your favorite logos below. And, although they left out our amazing logo, we won't hold it against them.
How Big Businesses Like Ford or McDonald's Use The Power of Their Logos
Created by | Author: Alex Hillsberg | Our Tumblr

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