Gym Staff Asks Woman To Cover “Toned Body” — Not Cool

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Forever 21.
Ask anyone why they’re pumping iron at the gym and you’re bound to get a whole range of answers. But, to get physically fit is probably number one on the list. Well, the health club itself might not have the same priorities. One Bay Area gym goer apparently exceeded the appropriate amount of muscle mass while working out, and was asked to cover up. We know, how is that even possible?
Staff at Planet Fitness in Richmond told the woman that her body was "intimidatingly toned," (which is kind of a twisted compliment) and was making other folks feel bad. She was asked to throw a T-shirt over her pink two-piece ensemble. She agreed to the asinine request and, while she waited for the tee, another employee critiqued her outfit. Feeling fed up, she refused the shirt and left the gym entirely. Way to help your customers meet their fitness goals, guys.
We're having a hard time figuring out why the Planet Fitness staff thought it was okay to judge a guest’s body at all, and seriously hope she's working on her fitness elsewhere from here on out. (Yahoo)

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