Jennifer Lawrence’s Deleted Scene Is The Best Part Of American Hustle

1Photo: Via BuzzFeed.
Jennifer Lawrence has really out-Jennifer Lawrenced herself this time. We all know that she did a standout job in American Hustle. It may not have been as life-changing as Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave (credit where credit's due, right?), but it was still fantastic. But, if there's anyone out there who still has doubts about her acting chops — or her dedication to a role — we've got a video to change all that.
To celebrate the movie's DVD release today, Columbia has shared a few choice American Hustle deleted scenes. BuzzFeed got its hands on what is quite possibly the most Lawrence-y thing of all time. In it, JLawr (a.k.a. Rosalyn Rosenfeld) is cleaning her living room while Santana's "Evil Ways" plays. All seems normal at first, but then Jennifer/Rosalyn starts getting into it. There's lip synching, there's head thrashing, and there's even a little bit of floor grinding. You've really gotta see it to believe it. There should be an Oscar category for...this. (BuzzFeed)

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