Courtney Love Found The Missing Plane — Call Off The Search!

rexusa_1688771jPhoto: Rex/REX USA.
The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is an unfolding tragedy. With 227 people still missing and, at this point, presumed dead, it's not an issue in which one should take lightly or without caution. There are families to think of.
Of course, Courtney Love has long proven to us that she really doesn't know what caution is. Love Courtney as we do, and we do love her, she shocked us today by telling the world that she has done what the combined efforts of over 24 countries could not. She claims to have found Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
As you can see below, she points out key areas in what appears to be the same version of MS Paint that Perez Hilton uses. To be fair, which is somewhat difficult here, she is one of thousands of people all over the world crowd-sourcing the search for the missing jet. As well, we're wondering what would happen if it turns out that Love's analysis is right. Imagine her talking to Wolf Blitzer, meeting the Malaysian prime minister, being the closest thing to a hero in this dark, dark tragedy. The mind reels. (Metro UK)

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