The Latest iPhone Rumor Is Music To A Broke Gal’s Ears

embed copyPhoto: Via Apple.
If you’ve been dropping coins in that piggy bank waiting to have just enough change to score yourself an iPhone, the latest from the techie rumor mill will have you breaking it open, pronto. Word on the street (well, at least in Germany) is the iPhone 5C is getting a downgrade in the data and price departments.
If the same is true in the States, Apple will be adding an 8G version of the phone and letting it go out the door at a little over $80 less than its original cost. And, unless you snap Instagrams like it's your job, a whole 16G might not even be necessary.
What does this mean for the iPhone 4S? Well, we may see it in the Apple graveyard soon. But, you don't care — you've got Flappy Bird to play! Now, go find a hammer and give that piggy a good whack. (Engadget)

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