Is Amanda Seyfried A Flight Risk?

1amandamainImage: Via @amandaseyfried.
What with all the hubbub surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight 370, you'd think that airport security would be tightening up. Alas, it seems that some suspicious passengers are still boarding flights armed with threatening weapons. Yep, we're talking about you, Amanda Seyfried.
Though the actress recently flew with a Swiss Army knife in her bag, she's at least honest enough to 'fess up. After discovering the knife post-flight last Friday, she tweeted, "Dear TSA: This Swiss Army knife wasn't detected through security and I unknowingly carried it on board. Scary!"
Okay, so maybe TSA agents were so distracted by Seyfried's gorgeous looks that they let her slip through unchecked, but that's a whole other problem. We're just grateful the blonde beauty didn't have any ulterior motives. Hijacking Anne Hathaway's Oscar dress is one thing, but a plane? Nah.
Anyway, good on her for calling out the TSA. But, next time, maybe clean out your handbag first, girl? (Us Weekly)

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