Super-Luxe Lotion — Because Your Bod Deserves An Upgrade

Body lotion. It's not the sexiest beauty product in the world. Like brushing one's teeth and shaving one's legs, it's usually a pretty utilitarian staple. One that you don't really mind purchasing in bulk from Costco (or, if you're a certain beauty director, you may not even bother applying the stuff much at all). I myself am a major proponent of body lotion ever since I discovered how terrible dry, scaly skin is. But, I am by no means a snob.
For the most part, I slather myself with Curel Ultra Healing all winter long (— the stuff moisturizes like no one's business, even during a polar vortex). The product rocks, though the white plastic packaging definitely does not. But, hey, it's just body lotion — it's about function, not form, right?
Well. Despite the fact that this franchise is called "Lust List," I would, in fact, like to speak to you about body lotion today. Not only does Rue de Marli's Bois de Précieux lotion smell so much like a perfect spring day that it makes me tear up a bit (damn you, you meteorological roller coaster that is New York City), not only is it perfectly lightly moisturizing, but look at that packaging. Have you seen a body lotion more beautiful? I'm pretty sure I have not.
So, while I absolutely will drag out my trusty Curel every winter as long as it's being produced, I am now putting that plastic bottle into storage and delighting in seeing this beautiful glass bottle on my nightstand. Because if there was ever a lotion that was worthy of the boudoir, mes amis, this is the one.
Rue de Marli Bois Précieux body lotion, $24, available at Style Visa.

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