True Detective Season 2 Starring…Brad Pitt?!

rexusa_1926334bqPhoto: Rex USA.
Wait, no, this can't be real. Can it be real? Please, make it real. This is just a whiff of a rumor, but it's a rumor we really, really like.
As you know, the highly addictive True Detective series on HBO plans to make each season its own, self-encapsulated story with separate mysteries, themes, directors, and actors. Of course, this means that Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey won't be returning — though, without spoiling anything, the final episode of the first season made it clear that bringing them back wouldn't make a lot of sense.
Naturally, speculation about who would fill the sizable holes they've left behind has run wild. The rumors are many, and often unfounded, but Hollywood Life has turned up a source that provides the best bit of scuttlebutt we've heard yet. “Brad [Pitt's] name has come up many times, it’s just a matter of what his other commitments are," the insider said. Wow, right? “It’s the show everyone wants to be on, because the writing and the roles are just so exquisite and complex. Brad has tight relations with HBO — he teamed up with Ryan Murphy last year to produce the HBO movie The Normal Heart. I know everyone would be thrilled to have him on board.” Yes, everyone would be thrilled. Again, we can't confirm this at all. But, we certainly can cross our fingers and hope. (Hollywood Life)

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