Breaking & Hilarious: Adults Know Absolutely Nothing About Their Own Genitalia

labia-02Illustrated By Ly Ngo.
If you're anything like us, the words "sex ed" bring back horrific flashbacks to a truly nightmarish experience. "Awkward" doesn't even come close to accurately describing those few days in seventh grade biology (that is, if you were lucky enough to receive guidance that extended beyond "don't have sex"). What with all the confusion and giggling and hiding-under-desk discomfort, maybe it was no surprise that we had a hard time focusing and retaining information. Who knew we were actually meant to learn something, like, important?
Well, the cheeky folks at BuzzFeed wanted to see just how much people could remember from those traumatic days in seventh grade health class. They distributed anatomical drawings to a group of (clearly disturbed) adult humans, and asked them to identify the key organs that make up the male and female reproductive systems. The results are, well...they're pretty magical.
Click through to see our faves, and be sure to head over to BuzzFeed for the rest — including the ones that were just too NSFW to include. We promise, you'll be very glad you did. (BuzzFeed)
enhanced-buzz-wide-10420-1394231947-10Courtesy Of BuzzFeed.
The winky faces are a fun, whimsical touch — as is the shoutout to the "labia MENORAH." Also, this individual was not the only respondent who saw similarities between the vagina and a certain orange vegetable.
enhanced-buzz-wide-26345-1394231987-7Courtesy Of BuzzFeed.
Are you lost, poor soul? Map and compass, indeed.

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