True Detective Lives On With This Awesome Deleted Scene

If you're like us, then you haven't gotten out of bed since True Detective's gripping finale Sunday night. Life just isn't as exciting without the adventures of Rust and Marty book-ending our weeks. Without it, we're all just sentient meat, and time is nothing but a flat circle (True Detective inside joke!). But, we're here to tell you that life isn't as bleak as Matthew McConaughey's philosophizing gumshoe will have us all believe. Especially not if HBO keeps releasing deleted scenes like the one that popped online today.
In it, we see the reason McConaughey's character, Rust Cohle, broke up with his girlfriend Lori. We're assuming that everyone reading this has seen the show in its entirety, so there should be no risk of spoilers. They parted ways because he didn't want kids. Not with her, not with anyone. He informs her of this fact in classic Rust fashion: matter-of-fact and completely detached. Just like everything else about this show, it's great. Here's hoping this is just the first of many extras, because it's only been three days since True Detective ended, and we already miss it so, so badly. (Variety)

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