Veronica Mars Bad Boy Talks Relationships

We all know Jason Dohring as his Veronica Mars character, Logan. He is the bad boy with the heartbreaking backstory, and a will-they-won't-they relationship with Veronica. But, in real life, Jason's married and the father of two. We talked with him about the epic love story that almost wasn't, what character he named his daughter for, and the endless appeal of the bad-boy trope. And, of course, we let him know that we were firmly Team Logan.

Can you explain the massive appeal of Logan. Why are the fans obsessed with him?

"You like the bad boy. Even I like the bad boy. And, when you get to throw a love story on top of it, and play against that, you get to play the best of both worlds."


I know, at first, you and Kristen didn’t know Veronica and Logan would end up having a love story. What was it like finding that out?
"My character started out as the antagonist, and probably would have been for the whole show. And, I would have been fine with that. It was around episode six that the creators said, ‘you know, we’re going to get you guys together.’ And, we said, ‘are you f*cking kidding me, that’s insane, we’re not, that’s impossible.’ They said ‘you better start warming up because you are going to be kissing her in three episodes.’ So, I said ‘okay.’ Its cool, I think, because it comes out of left field. It was never intended. I would read a lot of scripts, and there is the bad guy, but he has one final wink at her or something. And, I know four episodes in there is a bed around the corner. And with this, it was just so not intended, it was just so shocking when it did happen."

Is there any part of you that named your daughter Lilly in tribute of the show?
"My grandmother’s name was Lilly. And, that was the thought behind it. And, also just the beautiful aesthetic of the name. But, for the fans, we say yes."

Would you want her to be Team Logan or Team Piz?
"I would want her to wind up with a nice Piz."

Are you going to show her the show when she gets older?
"Yeah, when she gets older. I just sort of watched the show with my little boy. I think I showed him one scene. He just couldn’t quite figure out how his dad was on the TV like the people from The Incredibles."

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