Another One Of Your Favorite Childhood Films Heads To Broadway

pretty-woman-1990-17-gPhoto: Courtesy Touchstone Pictures.
With ticket prices so high and costs of production soaring, Broadway producers have a tendency to rely on old hits when planning new properties for the stage. Think of it for a moment. In the last couple of decades we've had The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Color Purple, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Footloose, and, more recently, The Princess Bride. And, these are just the nostalgia-powered productions that we can name off the tops of our theatre-kid heads.
Today, we get news that yet another of our childhood faves, Pretty Woman will get the musical treatment. Honestly, we're pretty psyched about the possibilities of turning the movie that made Julia Roberts into a song-and-dance spectacular. The bare bones of the plot lends itself to the medium. We imagine a vampy, somewhat downbeat song for the scene where Vivian is walking the streets. Oh, and there could be a joyous, whirlwind dance number for the legendary dressing montage. Finally, the whole thing could wrap-up with an ultra-romantic ballad as Edward climbs the fire escape belting out his love. Good stuff.
There aren't many details as of yet — though it's been confirmed that original Pretty Woman creators J. F. Lawton and Garry Marshall are involved. So long as they get a couple of good songs and the absolute right actor to play Viv, we'll line up at TKTS for this one. (Variety)

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