Geisha Beauty Secrets Can Save Your Skin

tatcha-gold-camelia-evening-oil-1Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York.
In Japan, the word geisha has so many meanings. Literally translated, it means artist, but of course, the geisha's place in history is complicated at best. It's closely tied up with the subjugation of women under a strict caste system, and opens up a fairly squirmy can of worms.
However, it goes without saying that the geisha have a long-standing dedication to beauty, with traditions and practices that could teach all of us a thing or two. And now, with a recent article that dishes on some of their favorite beauty secrets, so can you.
ELLE published a piece detailing a writer's journey to Japan to discover some of the ingredients and practices of the most storied beauty mavens in history. You'll need to read the article to get all the details, but we can tell you that if you want glowing skin, this one is a must-read. (Here's a preview: You can use indigo to counteract the redness of hives and rashes. You'll also look at the leftover water from cooking rice a bit differently.)
It's been said that a geisha can cause a man to faint with a single glance upon their flawless, pearl-like complexions. Wouldn't hurt to steal a little of that mojo now, would it? Luckily, you don't have to travel to Japan to do it. In addition to some rather simple DIYs (like soaking fabric in floral water to make a sheet mask), you can also turn to Tatcha, a line created from their time-honored beauty traditions. (ELLE)

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