Angel Haze Strips Down To Turn Up In New Video

Angel Haze found the key to making a powerhouse music video. She doesn't need all the glitz, glamour, and casual product placement to make a solid visual. All she has to do is her thing — i.e. stand and rap. Add in some cool strip lights, desaturate the color palette, and make sure the beat you're rapping over is top notch, and, girl, you've got yourself a video.
With that being said, there is no red in Angel Haze's video for "A Tribe Called Red." There is, however, a lot of hair whipping and battle-ready poses. Haze throws up her fair share of criss-cross arms while spitting fire over one of the hardest beats to pump through our speakers this year. The song itself is an ode to following your dreams and sticking it to your haters. And, this video doesn't do anything but stress that message. Haze doesn't just want you to hear it, though, she wants you to feel it right down to your toes. Prepare yourself, this is one visual assault that will leave you wanting more.

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