Which U.S. Cities Have The Priciest Haircuts?

mainPhotographed by Aeschleah DeMartino.
It doesn’t take much of a guess to figure that a haircut in Minneapolis costs a fraction of what it does in the Big Apple. That’s just the price you pay for having elite, shear-wielding pros at your fingertips. But, Square Market’s findings on how vastly numbers vary by city, gender, and tip amount, are a bit, um, hair raising.
The average cut in NYC clocks in as the most expensive — surprise, surprise — at $73 (does that seem low to anyone else?), San Francisco takes an extremely close second at $71, and the cheapest for a women’s cut is in Minneapolis — at $41a pop (if only!). But, the men’s ‘dos are where the stats get really staggered: The difference in each category is about $20 less than what the ladies in the same locality pay. The priciest? Yep, S.F. where men’s cuts cost around $50. Sorry, guys, but if you hadn't heard, pretty don't come cheap. (Square Market)

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