Is Netflix Raising Its Prices?

2Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There may have been a time when "come back for free!" emails from Netflix flooded your inbox. Then, the company started streaming things like Arrested Development and created House of Cards, and suddenly Netflix was a household necessity. And, following a deal with Comcast, it's about to become even easier to binge-watch all your favorite shows. But, it's that same deal with Comcast that may cause the video-streaming service to increase its prices.
USA Today reports that Netflix filed a letter with shareholders on January 22. This letter detailed the "evaluation of plan tiering," which the publication calls a "warning shot" for members, as it essentially indicates that an evaluation of pricing means it will become more expensive. However, the letter also states that if price increases do come, existing members would get "generous grandfathering" on their existing plans.
So, why the hike? In addition to the Comcast deal, you can go ahead and blame your love of House of Cards. Now that the show's planning its filming for season three, the state of Maryland thinks it should start paying taxes. And, a price hike would help deflect some of these costs.
Right now, a streaming package on Netflix is $7.99. And, the last time it raised its prices, CEO Reed Hastings issued an apology to members. The bottom line is that many people would be upset if Netflix increased its membership costs. But, you can't really put a price tag on Frank Underwood, so we'll probably just pay it anyway. (USA Today)

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