Revenge Tell-All: Nolan Ross Spills On Tonight’s Big Episode

1Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Congratulations, everybody. We've officially made it through the Revenge hiatus. It was a long hard run, but the Hamptons gang is finally back — with more than its fair share of addictive drama. Perhaps no one is more excited for the big return than Gabriel Mann, the man behind billionaire tech genius Nolan Ross.
Mann has been busy in the off-season as a cast member in the inspiring new movie Cesar Chavez, which is about the legend's heroic fight for workers' rights. We met up with Mann to commemorate the flick's release (it hits theaters March 28), but naturally the conversation gravitated toward tonight's mid-season premiere. And, as he tells us, the wait is going to be well worth it.
"I'm thrilled to share this back half of the season with everybody because they saved everything for these nine episodes," said Mann. "The whole first part of the year was really in service to this wedding that we were leading up to — and now that we're past the wedding the brakes have been removed. I say that in homage to our poor priest who died in a car accident earlier in the season."
For those fans who are craving even more racy material from the always-entertaining show, this season is aiming to please. In fact, Mann told us the shackles are coming all the way off, in terms of censors. "We have this new time slot at 10 p.m., which I think really suits the type of show that we are," he said. "I'm really excited because every hour that you move later into the evening means another piece of clothing can be removed. For a show like this, we need lots of love, sex, and murder, and now at 10 p.m., we're really going to get to explore all of them."
In other words, nothing is going to keep us from tomorrow night's episode. In fact, we almost feel bad for Gabriel that he doesn't get to experience the thrills along with the rest of us. Although, he assures us he has his own pop-culture obsessions. "My whole life right now is waiting for the premiere of Orphan Black, season two," he told us. "I'm counting down the days."

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