Hook-Up Apps Are Officially Out Of Control

mainPhoto: Courtesy of 3nder.
What happened to the days when actual face-to-face interaction was required before you could meet someone to take home? In lieu of awkward convos and pick-up-lines, a simple swipe to the left or right will determine how your night ends — or land you with a sad case of post-traumatic hook-up-app stress. And, while even that method seems super impersonal, there are a slew of apps hitting the market that actually make Tinder look chivalrous.
Apps like 3nder (to organize a threesome with folks nearby), or BroApp which auto-texts your boo when you can't be bothered, and one that even encourages licking your phone to practice, uh, going downtown (aptly called Lick This) are just the tip of the outrageous iceberg of what dating has become.
According to The Daily Beast, these apps are more gimmicky than they are setting people up for meaningful or advanced relationships. There's some kind of disconnect there, because people are actually having less sex than ever before. Well, we can kind of see why: It's hard to imagine the person who spends his or her night tonguing a phone, or sending fake text messages to a love interest, is bound to find a keeper. (The Daily Beast)

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