Emma Stone On The Perks & Pitfalls Of Dating Spider-Man

On the plus side, he moves around town pretty quickly, looks good in tights, changes hard-to-reach lightbulbs with ease, and his romantic gestures are monumental (as you'll see). On the downside, he's barely ever around, and Jamie Foxx is always trying to kill him. Well, relationships are all about compromise, right?
In this fun, little featurette about the forthcoming and highly anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone opens up about what it's like to date everyone's favorite wall crawler and the development of her character, Gwen Stacy. Turns out her version of Stacy, one of Peter Parker's earliest loves, is a rather sharp pencil with a grad-school career at Oxford University waiting for her. Naturally, this could be a serious blow to her relationship with Spidey, as Oxford is low on super villains to fight and only has a handful of buildings over six stories.
Most interestingly, Stone and Peter Parker actor, Andrew Garfield, talk about their characters' love lives when they themselves are dating. The two have always been fairly coy with the media about their coupling (really, who can blame them?), so the mini interviews get our gears churning.
Check out the featurette below.
Video: Via YouTube.

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