Nicki Minaj Posts Gorgeous Selfies With No Makeup

For those of us who check and recheck our appearance before striking our best Blue Steel for our smartphones, please note: All that fretting is absolutely unnecessary. Let's take a look at this makeup-free shot posted by none other than cosmetics-aficionado Nicki Minaj. It's a good reminder that we're at our most beautiful without all the product and paint.
This is a great turn of events for Minaj, who is usually seen in a multitude of makeup and hair combinations, any number of which could single-handedly keep the beauty industry in business for decades. The rapper, who posted a series of these looks on her Instagram feed, is merely capturing the clean-faced joy of giving yourself a hair treatment. Just a girl and her deep conditioner, having a moment in front of 4.4 million (and counting) followers.
While you might want to put on a shirt (one slip of the lens and we'd get a shot of her Nicki-ettes), the concept of showing your natural beauty via social media is a trend we'd love to see continue. Let's see more shots sans makeup every once in a while. Photos like these are revealing in the best way possible. Filter or no filter, the subject is raw, real, and truly beautiful.

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