The 15 Best Fictional Bands Of All Time

Sup, rockers? Did you know that today is the 30th anniversary of the release of the pioneering/ridiculous This Is Spinal Tap? Damn straight it is. Not only was it a seminal entry in the mock-doc genre (a genre that now includes dozens of beloved films, and shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family), but it gave us one of the funniest, best fictional bands of all time, the titular metal act, Spinal Tap. Believe it or not, these guys have sold out shows all over the world and still produce music now and again, despite being, as you know, completely and utterly fake.
That got us to thinking about all the other fake, fictional, and entirely fabricated bands that have rocked screens large and small over the years. From the Monkees to the Weird Sisters and beyond, they've been serious, satirical, and, surprisingly often, genuinely good. So, we rounded up 15 of our faves for you and created a Spotify playlist so you can hum along to them in all their imaginary glory.
Click ahead to enter the fictional-band hall of fame.

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