Did Jennifer Lawrence Stage Her Oscar Face-Plant?

1jenPhoto: Courtesy of E!.
Most people see Jennifer Lawrence as the kind of totally chill, slightly awkward gal you'd love to share a beer with. And, as of last night, she now has two Oscar stumbles under her belt and became the butt of host Ellen DeGeneres' jokes, but isn't that klutziness endearing? Or, do you see it as some big act?
After Lawrence was caught tripping on an orange traffic cone and falling to her knees on the Oscars red carpet, some took to Twitter to vent their disgust. "Pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence is falling on purpose to make people think she's cute at this point," one person tweeted, while another suggested that her PR team was telling the actress to "trip and look quirky if more attention is being payed [sic] to Lupita than you." In the words of Cher Horowitz, that sounds way harsh.
We can't imagine that anyone would stage a stumble to win over fans, especially when they're wearing a Dior gown that most certainly can get ripped. Blame her heels, blame her dress, blame her two left feet, whatever. Just don't blame some sneaky PR team. Besides — J.Lawr doesn't need to do a face-plant for us to adore her. We just like her, okay? (ONTD)

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