Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult: Proof That Love Exists

jlawPhoto: Courtesy of ABC.
All right, so, basically, Jennifer Lawrence is quickly turning the Oscars into The Hunger Games of gifs. First she's falling; now, she's giggling with Nicholas Hoult. Let's all take a second to appreciate this moment in J Lawr history. For this is a true Oscars moment: a quiet couple giggling together for the world to see.
Though, Lawrence and Hoult have been dating for some time, they've kept a relatively low profile. Either they've got an A+ team keeping all the pictures of them together hidden away in a secret Lawrence/Hoult vault, or they're just sneaky, sneaky people. We're going with the latter in this situation, but there's no sneaking around this happening. Just look at them all buttoned up and filled with glee. Even Bradley Cooper can't get enough of their aura. Hey, B. Coops, neither can we.

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