Jennifer Lawrence Falls At The Oscars…Again

Since Jennifer Lawrence became Jennifer Lawrence, we can count on two things happening at the Academy Awards: She'll put on Dior and she'll fall in Dior. J Lawr did it last year while thinking about cake, and she did it today upon arrival. And, now we can watch it all (ahem) go down over and over again thanks to the Internet.
According to the trippy lady, a rogue cone attacked her and caused the dramatic spill. Okay, okay, so the aforementioned cone didn't attack her per se, but, as she explained during ABC's preshow interview, the cone got in her way. Doesn't that thing know who she is? Is it not aware of the predicament it has now placed Jennifer Lawrence in? She's going to have to fall again for it to be a thing — three time's a charm and but one fall away! No word on whether a warrant is out for the criminal cone's arrest. Stay tuned.

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