Ellie Goulding Without Makeup Is Crazy, Crazy Beautiful

FFN_Goulding_Ellie_FFUK_022714_51340972Photo: FameFlynet.
We mean, we kind of already suspected that was the case. And, now we've got some serious proof. Normally Ellie Goulding steps up to the camera with a pretty minimal combo of mascara, eyeshadow, and a nice lip that complements her often (but not always) blonde hair and fair complexion. She tends to darken her brows, too, which really helps frame her face, and do just a smidgen of contouring for TV and photo shoots. We've also seen her rock an impressive variety of pale pink lip glosses. So we have an exhaustive knowledge of Goulding's beauty routine — don't judge.
On her way into ITV for a taping yesterday, the 27-year-old tried a different style. She was completely fresh faced and completely breathtaking. We're guessing she was just giving the in-house stylists a chance to work with a clean canvas. Good thinking, E.G.! Honestly, though, as you can see, they really wouldn't have to do much if they wanted to keep things natural. The lady's a born stunner. We're also way into her red, mini sundress. OK! reports that Goulding tweeted a picture of her look with the caption, "Me pretending it's summer." Alas, for some of us, it's too cold to even pretend. (OK!)

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