This Squirting Necklace May Keep You From Getting Mugged

Worried about getting mugged? Don't stress over scheduling a self-defense class. According to Fast Company, there's a necklace that can keep you safe from a surprise attacker. No, it's not April Fool's Day. A group of students at the University of Amsterdam designed the not-so-sparkly accessory as a part of a recent initiative to improve women's safety.
Still confused? Research suggests that criminals prey on those who slouch, or seem distracted, while they walk. So, the PosturAroma necklace reminds you to stand up straight. Every time its wearer slouches, a sensor is activated near the clasp which then triggers puffs of a comforting aroma like lemongrass, strawberry, or mandarin peel to alert her to stand up straight. Honestly, if you really want to keep our backs straight, try squirting out a little eau de skunk instead of something that makes us feel like we're at the spa.
As for the design, Fast Company reports that it's still in prototype stages, which is a good thing considering the current bulky bauble is anything but incognito. Check out the video below for more on the PosturAroma necklace — and, stay safe out there. (Fast Company)

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