No TV? Here’s How To Watch The Oscars

Oscar_Generic_slideDesigned by Ly Ngo.
Thanks to Netflix, many us have completely forgone traditional TV. Not only is that freeing, but it's a whole lot cheaper, too. However, there are certain times that leave us longing for the ol' remote. Awards season is one of them; the thought of spending this Sunday night without the red carpet is downright depressing. And, let's not forget about Ellen's laugh-a-minute hosting antics. Well, don't fret, digital darlings: the awards show is officially entering the 21st century. Call it a sign of the times.
For the first time ever, the Oscars are going to be livestreamed. You can catch the show on and, or using the Watch ABC app. But, there is one little caveat: You will need to log in to "your" subscription TV service in order to get the 'stream. If you're as resourceful as we think you are, you'll be able to get your hands on the necessary info no problemo. Looks like it's time to cozy up to all your network-loving friends. Or — who are we kidding? — put in a call to your folks. (Mashable)

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