Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler Had An Epic Reunion Last Night

Has your life been missing something lately? Is there a romantic-comedy void you just can't seem to fill? You're not alone. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore felt it, too, which is why they teamed up for a third movie together. Their flick Blended isn't due out 'til May, but they hit The Tonight Show last night to ramp up the buzz. And, naturally, since this is Jimmy Fallon we're talking about, he got them to do a little song-and-dance number. Okay, more of just a song number. But, it was adorable even without dance moves!
Fallon played the guitar as Sandler and Barrymore sang a charmingly off-key ditty proclaiming their love for one another. Some of our favorite lines include, "I still remember the first time I met you/You gave me a hug and I got a boner," and, "You're the Rob Ford to my crack cocaine." Watch it the whole through, and you'll even be rewarded with a little Wedding Singer nostalgia. (Vulture)

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