LIZ Is Just Like You Only Cooler

liz_embedPhoto: Courtesy of MAD DECENT.
At Refinery29, our ethos of discovery means that we are always keeping our ear to the ground, hoping to unearth the very best new artist, or an exciting collaboration from a musician we already know and love. That is to say, we take our music very seriously. We don't put our stamp of approval on anything that we wouldn't load directly into our own iPod (or Spotify, or other various audio devices) first. So, you can trust the excitement we're bubbling over with in sharing a new track by LIZ off of her Just Like You EP (out today!). Here is what you gotta know:

Who? LIZ, your new go-to gal for sophisticated listening fun.

How long has she been around? She's been doing her thing for about a year, and shows no signs of stopping.

What does she sound like? Imagine if Ciara and Cassie morphed into one person with a penchant for Jeremih-like beats. Like that.

When should you listen to her? Let's just say if this song comes on while you're out for a walk and your headphones happen to be on blast, you will own the street.

If this song were an ice cream flavor, it would be: Cotton Candy with a whipped-cream core (listen up, Ben & Jerry's).

Honestly, this track — "Turn Around" — is a total refresher. It combines the best of early-aughts R&B with the bedroom-knocking beats that've come to define all the artists under the Mad Decent label. LIZ has carved out a unique piece of the ever-evolving dance-genre cake, and she's offering you a giant, sweet bite. Dig in.

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