Haim Loves Beyoncé Like "XO"

Haim went H.A.M. in the Beyoncé paint during their BBC Radio 1 appearance. As per usual, the radio station had its musical guests cover another artist's song. Why? Well, who can really concern themselves with particulars when its produced such killer covers? We're talking Jared Leto covering Rihanna; Miley on the Lana del Rey grind; and Angel Haze rapping over Beyoncé.
BBC's Live Lounge got Haim to go all Haim-y over Bey's blissful lil' tune, "XO," off her visual album. And, as if we would expect anything less from one of our favorite girl groups, it's pretty darn flawless (last Beyoncé reference of the day, we promise). They don't stray too far from the original, which is another plus. Perhaps it's the marching beat or maybe it's the lyrics, but Haim's "XO" is just as infectious as Bey's. So, while the OG "XO" is perfect for, say, waking up (it may or may not be this author's alarm), Haim's will chill you down come, well, lights out. (Okay, that was the last Bey reference for day.)

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