Lily Allen Names New Album Sheezus After, Well, You Know

lily-allenPhoto: Courtesy Warner Bros.
Well, isn't she the cheeky one? Then again, we are talking about Lily Allen, perhaps the cheekiest person in popular culture since Bob Dylan circa 1965.
Yes, the returning Allen just announced she's named her new Album Sheezus after that other album ending in "eezus." "It's a confident title choice," she said while announcing the album title on the Graham Norton Show. "And a little nod to Kanye West."
Indeed, it is, though there are a few implications here. First off, we're taking this as a feminist "nod," the female version of Yeezus (appropriate given the direction of her video “Hard Out Here”). The other side, however, is the inevitable Kanye reaction. He's a cagey one, that West, and his response could be a two-hour rapped, auto-tuned rant about how she's disrespecting him and his art or a smiling recognition of her charming wit. (Yeezus was, after all, the most buzzed-about and angry album of the summer.) Let's hope that game recognizes game, and it's all smiles and high fives.
Sheezus drops next month. (Cosmo UK)

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