Why Johnny Weir’s Sochi Style Is So Important

Johnny_Weir_497_WFS_V1Photographed by Geordy Pearson.
Sartorial choices at the Olympics involve more than just looking good — what athletes and attendees wear can also convey patriotism and support for their home team. But, Johnny Weir's outfits in Sochi also show his LGBT pride and his defiance of Russia's anti-gay laws.
Weir, an American figure skater, NBC commentator, and honorary R29er, dresses each day like Sochi is a Fashion Week runway. And, he's definitely earning 10s for style — from the vintage turquoise Valentino blazer to insane leather leggings. (Seriously — we wish we could pull off Rick Owens wedges like he does.)
But, amazing ensembles aside, Weir is sending an important message to the Russian government: The country's anti-gay legislation is wrong. His husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, spoke honestly about his concerns for Weir’s safety. So far, Weir has been able to flaunt his personal style without any trouble, but the lack of personal freedom in Russia is a big issue that can't be ignored.

Naturally, we can’t wait to see what other fierce ensembles Weir has in store, and we're definitely tuning in to hear his commentary. But, most important, we hope his unspoken message is being heard loud and clear in Sochi.
(The Daily Beast)

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