New Iphone 6 Rumors Signal All Is Right In The World

iphone 6 dicksonPhoto: Courtesy of Sonny Dickson.
What would a day be without another iPhone 6 rumor? Frankly, we don't want to know, and today we don't have to. Blogger and iPhone Nostradamus Sonny Dickson claims to have obtained the casings for the next iteration of the iPhone.
Normally we'd dismiss these types of claims, or at least be skeptical, but this Dickson fellow has a pretty shiny track record when it comes to breaking iPhone news. He accurately predicted that the iPhone 5C would be available in plastic colors, and also produced the casings for the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina.
So, when this man says that he has the casings for the iPhone 6, we have little choice but to believe him. According to Dickson, the new phone will be thinner, and will have a bigger screen, resembling an iPad Air and iPod Touch hybrid. Dickson posted a photo of the casings to his Twitter, which you can see above. While there's nothing too groundbreaking here, as it seems every new iPhone is thinner with a larger screen, let's be honest: Any new iPhone news is good news. (Business Insider)
Update: An intrepid Reddit user has pointed out that Dickson's leaked photos are undoubtedly fake. Judge for yourself here.