Watch Lindsay Lohan Crush A Stevie Nicks Classic

Usually, even a sober Lindsay Lohan gives us a case of the eye rolls. Here, though, she's making us smile. With friends at her side, LiLo was captured on camera tearing into a karaoke rendition of the Stevie Nicks classic "Edge of Seventeen," (which she's covered before) to surprisingly good effect. Yes, her pals, and the karaoke machine, are helping her with the harmonies. Nonetheless, all those cigarettes seem to have done wonders for her singing voice, don't ya think? There's a nice connection between her years of hard living and Nicks' as well.
Now comes the weird part. We don't know exactly what Lohan was doing belting out tunes at the 50th birthday party of the New York Republican Party Finance Committee chairman at the Four Seasons. The combo isn't very "on brand" for either.
Well, whatever, it's nice to see her having good, clean fun. Oh, and if you want to start a conversation about her portraying Stevie Nicks in a Fleetwood Mac biopic, don't include us. Even though Nicks herself has commented on the possibility; either Brie Larson plays Stevie or we quit life. (TMZ)
Video: Courtesy TMZ; Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages.

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