Topshop Takes Its Runway Show To Another Dimension

Topshop has outdone itself once again. The High Street retailer firmly cements its reputation as a forward-thinking fashion company by introducing the very first virtual-reality runway show.
And, don’t even think this enterprise is Lawnmower Man part two. Oh no. Topshop joined forces with 3D agency Inition to produce a one-of-a-kind Topshop Unique show that shoppers can enjoy from the comfort of the Oxford Street flagship store.
The show takes place at the Tate Modern on February 16 and will be live streamed in the Oxford Street store. So, how is this different from every other live-streaming runway event? Oh so much. Viewers will don a specially commissioned headset that will show an amalgamation of footage from the runway, backstage, and front-row arrivals. You won’t be able to get closer to the action if you sat on Kate Bosworth’s lap.
If you can’t make it down on the Sunday, the store is offering replays of the event until Tuesday, February 18. And, if you don’t call London home, no matter, the entire show will be live streamed on the Topshop website, where you’ll also be able to snap up the looks three months before they hit the store, along with the makeup and the show’s soundtrack. Hit play on the video to find out even more about what's to come.