Lady Gaga Does Proust, Reveals Love Of Russian Hookers

GAGA_embed1Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
If you haven't listened to Lady Gaga's latest creation, ARTPOP, or if you were just too bemused by the cacophony of noise that it is, you're missing the extreme candor in the content. We here believe it's "the album we need, but don't deserve," and in a way, that statement is only beginning to find its footing.
Gaga's profile in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar is genuine and sincere in portraying a character. Though, with Gaga, even when she's being "honest," one can't help but wonder if it's all part of the performance. With that being said, HB's Proust-inspired interview is revealing — humbling.
"Five years ago, when I spotted someone with a hidden agenda, I allowed them to stay around me," she says, referring to her very public breakup with Troy Carter, her former manager. "I didn't want to believe it. I thought if I ignored it, then they would eventually see me again — that I'm a human being and not a doll. But, it doesn't work that way. I speak up now." Gaga continues discussing her goal of becoming Oprah, her special Cher Horowitz-like website containing every piece of clothing she owns (which happens to be stored in a very large Hollywood archive), and casually reveals her guiltiest of pleasures. "Russian hookers and cheap gin," she says. "At least I'm honest." (If you've listened to "Mary Jane Holland," you'd already know this.)
GAGA_embed2Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
The entire interview is worth the read. Plus, she's going to be auctioning off every piece of clothing worn in the HB cover shoot and donate the proceeds to her Born This Way Foundation. Details on that can be found here. And, though ARTPOP is a mixed bag, it's not stopping the world from going Gaga. If this interview is any indication, we'll be doing that for some time to come.(Harper's Bazaar)

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