Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad Makes Having No Contract Seem Pretty Great

Tim Tebow's last Super Bowl commercial, in which he stood up for his pro-life stance, was quite the hot-button issue. Tomorrow, however, the football star will be taking a more lighthearted approach with a Super Bowl spot that pokes fun at his contract-free, technically-unemployed status. To hype up their practice of buying out customers' existing phone contracts with other providers, T-Mobile has tapped Tebow to extol the virtues of being a free agent. Take it away, Timmy.
"Everyone thinks I want a contract," the team-less Tebow says. "But, without one, I've done so much this year." Cue a montage of the athlete embracing some new career options: bull riding, delivering a baby, rocking out in a heavy metal getup, mastering chess, tackling world peace, and becoming an astronaut. Without the restrictions of a contract, he can actually do his own very dangerous stunts. Take that, NFL!
Good on Tebow for being man enough to make light of his career setbacks. If he ever tires of being an ESPN analyst, we're sure this ad will help him land another gig soon. Quarterback? Maybe. Ad spokesman? Definitely. (I J Review)

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