Does Tim Tebow Think He's Jesus? Probably Not

You know you're a big deal when news outlets start making a scandal out of things as insignificant as forgetting to Q-tip your ears one morning. So, congratulations, Tim Tebow: You're important enough to get chewed out for kinda-sorta accidentally maybe posing in a manner vaguely reminiscent of Jesus.
The pro-football star appears in GQ's September issue, both with a T-shirt and without. A number of media sources, including an NYC radio host, freaked out when they saw the photo above because of its resemblance to Christ on the cross. Strange, we don't really remember Jesus looking so totally chill and casual while being crucified. There's a lot more scandal going on than that questionable likeness, like the fact that GQ had to alter the images after the fact because Tebow switched teams after they were shot. (Fox News)
Is this picture actually a potential offense, or nothing to holler about?
Photo: Courtesy of GQ.

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