37 Life Lessons You Can Learn Right Now

Dawn Gluskin just turned 37. This may seem like a non-event since you don't know her. Plus, 37 isn't an age they print on balloons, ya know? Nevertheless, she took this birthday to do some reflecting. And, it's the random timing of this reflection that makes it so special. She thought, why wait until 40 when I can meditate on things right now? And, rather than offer specialized advice on "how to get happy right now" or "ways to remove stress from your life," she's opted for the simple observations that come with plain old time spent on Earth.
Gluskin has found 37 simple truths — one for each year she's been alive. And, there are a handful of musings we're inclined to pin to our cubicle walls. Like a reminder that a walk in nature can cure many ills. As Gluskin points out, taking in some fresh air does wonders for clearing your head — and, we imagine, your lungs. She also reminds us that forgiveness is not so much about the other person, and that we ought to forgive as readily as we can for our own good, too.
But, the truth that got us really thinking: "We are not the center of the universe." It can feel like your problems are the only ones that exist, or at least the only ones that matter. Considering the thoughts and feelings of others can really alter your day — and, as a sort of domino effect, change your life. Now how's that for a reality check? Click through to read all 37 lessons for a reminder to just relax already. (The Huffington Post)

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