The 1975 Return To Its Colorless Roots For "Settle Down"

The 1975 put out one of 2013's best albums. Its self-titled debut LP hit all the right chords, from lust to love to sloppy wedding ceremony regrets. (It's probably the only band that can make the line "yosh in your mouth" sound cool.) The British foursome has carved out a special niche for itself in the pop-rock world, complete with minimalist aesthetics and a whole lotta black-and-white imagery. Though it broke away from its look with the visuals for "Girls" and "Sex," it has desaturated everything for the "Settle Down" music video. Oh, and there's even a post-apocalyptic theme thrown in for good measure.
We were fortunate enough to premiere this track last August with a live jam-session video the boys sent us. It's sign of true talent when the studio version of a track mimics the live version. Music video-wise, "Settle Down" finds The 1975's lead singer, Matt Healy, brooding around a desolate, post-industrial town. The lost boy narrative is loose, but it does the job. It's a video that'll make a fan out of you — if you aren't already, that is.

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