Cory Monteith Remembered At The Grammys — Misspellings And All

Normally, we'd applaud the proper use of the old, "I before E, except after C" rule, but, like all rules, there are exceptions. Nomenclature is like the rogue sibling of grammar. Oh, you want to put an E before an I without a C in sight? Well, by all means, go for it! That's likely not what happened when Cory Monteith's ancestors were deciding on family names, but it happened anyway. And, either someone working the late-shift at the Grammys didn't brush up on their Google search skills, or they made a hugely innocent mistake for the sake of grammar.
During the In Memoriam part of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday, the late Cory Monteith was remembered as "Cory Montieth, Glee actor, singer." While the majority of viewers were bittersweetly thrilled to see the Recording Academy honor the actor, keen eyes out there spotted a grave spelling mistake. Whomever was behind the presentation flipped the I and the E in Monteith's last name, prompting many a Twitter user to vent their respective frustration and disappointment.

It's unfortunate, yes, but what's done is done. One thing's for sure, though: The grammar police over at Grammy HQ likely got a stern talking to this morning. (New York Post)

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