2 People Living In A 240-Square-Foot Apartment? Here's How It's Done

tips-for-small-apartment-1Photo: Courtesy of Cup of Jo.
No matter how clever you think you are with your space, you probably still have opportunities to pare down, economize, and organize it more efficiently. (Well, unless you're this lady.) And, when you're working with an apartment that doesn't even fit a regular-sized bath mat? You'd better be able to pull some decor gymnastics to make things work.
Sharing one teeny-tiny micro-mini space in Brooklyn Heights, one married couple explain how they were able to make room for a full-sized bed, couch, dining area, and kitchen in the space. And, they accomplished it all without driving each other up the wall. Click through to Cup of Jo to read about their 15 space-saving tips. These have provided the duo with a home where they can entertain, live comfortably, and even weather the occasional tiff. (Hint: The latter involves a good playlist.) (Cup of Jo)

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