How Stars Lost Their Virginity — Juicy Details Ahead

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By now you've all probably heard the story of Katy Perry's first time. If not, we'll get you up to speed: As she recently told GQ, she was 16, in the front seat of a Volvo, and listening to Jeff Buckley's "Grace." Stars, they're just like us! Well, The Daily Beast had a hankering that Perry isn't the only celeb who's dished on losing her virginity, and luckily for us (and our morbid curiosity), they were right.
DB's intrepid reporters did some digging and found hilarious — and hilariously awkward — stories of our favorite A-listers describing their first times. Think Tina Fey playing board games, Shia LaBeouf copying porn moves, and Jason Segel lying about Elton John. We chose our three favorite quotes below, so read on and then head over to The Daily Beast for all the juicy tidbits. (The Daily Beast)
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Beyoncé: "People would be surprised as to the lack of experiences I’ve had. When I was 12, 13 I had my first boyfriend, and he was my boyfriend till I was 17. At that age, that was a long time. I’ve always been very loyal and a little more mature. Though I was too young for it to really be a boyfriend — we didn’t live together, we didn’t, you know...That was my only experience with a guy, and since then I’ve only had one other boyfriend in my life — Jay."
Shia LaBeouf: "I was shaking in my boots. Getting naked was very strange. It was the first time I’d been naked in the light, in front of a girl, with no hiding place. I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a porn movie...[It] put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed…and clearly this wasn’t the move."
Jason Segel: "I remember that the first thing I did was find a really not-that-intelligent girl and I told her that I wrote 'Your Song' by Elton John. I was like, 'I wrote this for you.' And then, I lost my virginity."

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