Go Back To The Future With Spy Numbers And Their Modern-'80s Throwback

Nowadays, artists are forgoing the humble music video for straight-up visual albums. Kanye West did it for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Beyoncé's BEYONCÉ was the album drop felt 'round the world. It makes one wonder if we've forgotten the root of music videos.
Thankfully, artists like Spy Numbers exist. For their new single, "Je M'éveille," Coco Morier and French model Marie Komphavong teamed up for a seriously delightful visual throwback. Now, this video could've easily teetered toward camp, but it doesn't; the European '80s influence is apparent, but genuine in its appropriation. "Je M'éveille" could fit in seamlessly somewhere between today's pop videos as it would between The Buggles and Blondie. It's weird, spacey, and leaves you feeling as if you've just consumed a ton of subliminal messages (we're not saying you have, but like, we can't forget the #illuminati).
Spy Numbers' single will be available on the February 2014 release of INGRID Volume 2, which features new tracks from Lykke Li and Peter, Bjorn and John. "Je M'éveille" might not be a DeLorean DMC-12, but in the words of Dr. Emmett Brown, you're not going to need any roads where Spy Numbers is taking ya.

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