Vanessa Hudgens On Her Makeunder & James Franco's Oscar Campaign

The Internet went crazy when Vanessa Hudgens completely un-Disneyed herself for last year's cult film, Spring Breakers. After all, it's not every day that we see the girl-next-door half-naked and robbing banks. But, it's her transformation for the new Ron Krauss' flick Gimme Shelter that has our jaws dropping.
The actress traded in bikinis and high-tops for facial piercings, baggy clothes, and a pixie cut, making her nearly unrecognizable as the homeless and pregnant teen, Apple. So naturally, we just had to schedule a sit down with Hudgens to get the scoop on the makeunder of the year. She gave us the scoop on her shocking role, and shared a few other juicy tidbits about life in the spotlight. Oh, and don't worry, we didn't shy away from asking the hard questions. James Franco and an Oscar win? Yes, we went there.

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