New Maleficent Trailer Shows Angelina Jolie At Her Most Chilling

Before the likes of Michael Myers, Anton Chigurh, and The Governor entered our radars, it was Disney villains who populated our nightmares and made us sleep with the lights on. Is it any wonder, then, that Angelina Jolie's totally spooky turn as Sleeping Beauty's resident baddie is giving us major goosebumps? In the latest trailer for Maleficent, Jolie plays the title character with a chilling, ominous intensity, not to mention the most sculpted cheekbones we've seen outside of a Kardashian family reunion. Who knew Saint Angelina could be so good at being so bad?
In this expanded teaser, viewers get a bit more background into what made Maleficent go evil (betrayal, obvs). We also see her first encounter with an infant Aurora, who grows up to be the angelic but cursed Elle Fanning. Despite the film's attempts to humanize Maleficent, those thorny special effects and Jolie's horned headpiece suggest she's still a villain at heart. Besides, it just wouldn't be Sleeping Beauty without Aurora getting pricked with the equivalent of a lifetime's dose of Lunesta.
We'll be rounding up the neighbor's kiddos to see all the action when the film hits cinemas on May 30. Let's just hope the little tykes let us borrow a night-light.

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