Blue Ivy Meets Sunny Obama, All Is Right In The World

When we got our invite to Michelle Obama's 50th birthday bash, we cringed when we realized it fell on the exact same night as our monthly Settlers of Catan bonanza. And, now that details have begun to emerge from the magical evening, our FOMO has officially gone from irritating to full-blown crippling.
Just kidding, we weren't actually invited, but boy do we wish we were. The celebration went down on Saturday night at the White House, and the guest list was a high-wattage hodgepodge of movie stars, pop divas, legendary athletes, and political luminaries. But, of all the distinguished attendees, it was the world's most famous 2-year-old who stole the show. Blue Ivy Carter, who accompanied her famous folks Jay Z and Beyonce to the festivities, made fast friends with Sunny Obama, the female Portuguese Water Dog and little sister to Dog-in-Chief, Bo. While mommy blew through a half-hour set for the revelers, Blue Ivy petted Sunny in what might go down as the cutest moment in White House history.
Although the party was a camera-free affair, Beyonce posted two photos of the encounter to her Tumblr for the world to see, because she's Beyonce, and nobody tells her what to do. Not even you, POTUS. Check out the cuteness overload below. (I Am Beyonce)

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