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Meryl Streep, Super-Actress, Can Make An Oatmeal Recipe Sexy

In case you weren't aware, it's Meryl Streep's world, and we're just living in it. There is (almost) literally nothing she can't do. Think an oatmeal recipe can be sexy? When it's Meryl Streep reading it, it is. We're pretty sure if you were to challenge the Streep to read some random text in an equally random voice, she'd nail it and likely win an Oscar for it.
Now, since we don't have Meryl on speed dial, we're left to our own imaginations. But, when you're Ellen DeGeneres and hosting your own TV show, well, anything is possible — even getting Meryl Streep to read a traffic report as a woman in labor. There's a reason she's been nominated for one of those golden guys 18 times, dear readers, and this video reads like a CV.
Jennifer Lawrence might've beat her once, but until the day she transforms into random characters at the drop of a hat (or Converse shoelace in Ellen's case), Meryl's our grande dame.

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