Michael Fassbender Looks, Um, Different In His New Movie

We can't exactly place our finger on it, but something's off with Michael Fassbender in this clip from his latest Sundance premiere, Frank. Maybe he's put on a little muscle mass. Then again, it could be his black tank top. Oh wait, we know what it is. It's that giant fake head he's wearing throughout the whole film! Yeah, gotta be.
Now, we're sketchy on the details here, but from what we gather, Frank is the story of a band whimsically pursuing greatness in a sort of Rushmore/The Woods manner. Oh, and it also features Michael Fassbender, recently nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his frightening role in the poignant, devastating 12 Years A Slave, wearing a giant fake head. Maggie Gyllenhaal also appears, though apparently without a giant fake head.
So, what's the verdict, people: Is Fassbender sexier with or without the giant head? (The Playlist)
Video: Via Vimeo; Photo: REX USA/Rex.

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